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Download the June 2007 Grainnews user story on FarmerGPS (PDF Adobe Acrobat is required)


"FarmerGPS is unsurpassed in value for the money. I am a fifth generation farmer and my dad and I have been searching for a good GPS package for a good price. It seems to me that we looked at about every kind on the market and talked to farmers who have had them. I was searching the internet and came across your website, http://www.FarmerGPS.com. The more I read, the more interested I became. My dad had his reservations not hearing about this system but left the decision up to me. I purchased the basic software package and utilized a few things I had already (laptop, gps antenna, cables) although I would like to update to the suggested novatel antenna soon. I can say without reservation, it is the best money you can spend on a GPS system (minus navigation) in my book. I have friends that come over and see what this program can do that their system can’t and they paid several times more for theirs. In specific, this system is so easy to set up, use, and keep records with that I hardly do anything farm oriented without it! Not only can you customize the program it to your application and specifics but you can also set it up for a first time/novice user like my dad that is not big into electronics but once he started using this like a plug and play device using minimal training (5 minutes) he also agrees that this is the best value out there. It not only does what the other system do, but so much more. The contour lines and AB lines are given, but what this program does is great for spraying, planting, and harvesting! At the end of the season, you can print off every field and all the information obtained with that field (duration, dates, each pass, etc.). You can also go back and view the exact path you took and watch every move someone made in the field! This is a great feature. I liked it especially when you get to different varieties of crops and use the overlay; you can see exactly where one type of seed is compared to another when it’s hard to tell by your eye. You can mark stones, weed patches, etc. that will take you right back to the exact spot. I also outline the field and gives you a stunningly accurate measurement of acres for that field and time to finish at the current pace (I love this feature). When I harvest, I also use the different “equipment on” colors for each truck so I can tell how many acres are on each truck and figure out the real yield, not some yield monitor that is rarely accurate. The information you can input is great as well, you can put down the gear you were in, the adjustments to the planter (seeding rate, brand name, variety, weather conditions, etc.) or combine (i.e. Rotor speed, concave clearance, fan speed, etc.) and later go back and write in information if that was a good combination or not. I love that it keeps the dates and times and I always put all of this information on my memory stick so I can take it home and leave the computer in the machine. You can print all of your spraying, planting, and harvesting records as a hard copy showing the field and all of the information you have typed in. You can also store it on a backup device and the files do not take up much space using all common software and hardware. If you want to move it easily, you can take the computer, cables, and antenna with you (I use a notebook computer) to a different machine and you are up and going again in about 5 minutes! I also like how it was farmer developed and has so many neat features in mind and the creator updates the software as well if there are any issues or improvements. I can say without reservation that my dad and I both feel that you cannot beat farmergps with the value you receive for the money you pay. The farm efficiency will increase and the record keeping will be much improved. You can try it out online (simulation mode) and if you are not convinced, talk to anyone that has this system and you will become a believer. "

-Edward Meisel III Saginaw, MI


"Your Gps Program may have saved my life, at least saved my hair! After tossing my laptop (ebay $162.00) on the dash of our 976 it took about five minutes to get it figured out. After the first round I knew this was the real deal. It can't be accurately described, you have to see it working to believe just how great and easy to use this program really is. My 76-year-old dad can't set his watch yet he can run this; after all you just push start and go for it, is truly idiot proof. The built in light bar is easier to use than my outback was and the color options are great for different rates or a cem change. The color change option off of the tool bar where you have already sprayed is light years ahead of the old A-B lines. As for using a 14" screen with full colored field coverage verse a 5" screen with over the hill lines on it-- we truly are talking day and night here! The option to put down a mark with a touch of the keyboard is great as is the field log for your records. I can't think of anything that I would like changed, you seem to have listened to the farmers out in the field and in actually using it yourself have got it right the first time and thanks for the ongoing free updates! For those of you that are in skeptical that a $300 program could out perform one that coasts thousands more, all I can say is after trying Farmer GPS, you will through rocks at all the other programs out there. The auto steer units are the only ones that have an edge on this system. In the meantime I will be telling all my friends and neighbors about Farmer GPS, who knows maybe I can save there life also! Farmer GPS Thank You very much "

Pat and Jim Walsh, Minot, ND USA


"This was my first year for using the FarmerGPS and ! am thoroughly impressed! We raise corn and soybeans in NE Iowa and needed some sort of guidance for spraying no-till drilled soybeans. I hated using foam markers; It seemed like it was always a constant fight, between a light breeze, improper foam mix and tall beans which always resulted in skips. We came upon this product last winter and it's one of the best moves we've made. Our spray skips have been eliminated, on-screen mapping which shows exactly where and where not we have sprayed. A large color screen makes viewing easy, and using a touchpad mouse greatly eased programming. It's so simple too- I set everything up on day one and on day two I just had to give my dad a 2 min. walk through and he was off spraying all day... no problems! I've since seen and tried the competitors lightbar with that small, tiny screen that's impossible to see, no thanks, They can keep it. For no more the cost of this unit, you're crazy not to try it. We figured that we got all set up for around one grand, that's 1/3rd of what the competition costs and includes a laptop that has multiple uses. heck, you can't even buy a decent foam marker system for that."

Joe Bahe Stanley, Iowa USA


" I have been extremely pleased with my FarmerGPS system. I use the system for spraying and putting out fertilizer. I love the "birds eye view" that allows you to see where you have sprayed and where you have not. No need to worry about AB lines, skips or odd shaped fields. I can follow random contours with ease. It is simple in design and efficient in operation."

Scott Ricks Bellville, Texas USA


"Thanks for the Farmer GPS program. I used it, with great success, for spraying in 2006 with a Panasonic CF-27 Toughbook running on Win2000 pro connected to a Garmin 18 5 hz. A few of the earlier problems I had were resolved with updated versions of the farmergps program."...
"Your program has removed a lot of the anxiety that comes with spraying stubble fields with malfunctioning foam markers. More than half of my fields get sprayed in 2 (or more) directions thanks to creeks, bluffs and roadways. Straight AB guidance is useless to me. Your program is easy and even fun to use. Keep up the good work.
Thanks Jim"

Jim Szucs , Saskatchewan Canada


"I used FarmerGPS on my Dell 15.4" widescreen for one season and liked it. I liked having it on my laptop as it gives a nice big screen and is easy to see everything at a glance. Driving through the yard with a wireless router gives you easy connection to the 'net and office computer, and you have all information that you have in your computers with you at all times in the field. The program is very easy to setup and use. The switchable mapping colors work very well for marking out areas where different rates or products were used. If you're intimidated by some of the complex mapping systems out there, give this one a try. It has a free demo you can try before buying."

Herb Wright , Saskatchewan Canada


If you like to share your thoughts on FarmerGPS, please e-mail farmergps@hotmail.com and reference this Testimonials page.